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Hughesville Revitalization implementation Plan




Hughesville Business & Civic Alliance, Inc., Celebrates its One Year Anniversary!

Hughesville Business & Civic Alliance, Inc. (HBCA) was established in June 2010.  HBCA’s board of directors and executive officers have been working, diligently, towards jumpstarting the implementation of the approved Hughesville Revitalization Plan.  The first priority was to look at our “main street” (Old Leonardtown Road) in a holistic way and identify those goals that could be achieved in the immediate future.  HBCA identified three areas that would complement, enhance, and provide a “niche” market for Hughesville’s main street. 

The state of Maryland has deemed it necessary that a partial intersection be installed at Rt. 5, Leonardtown Road and Gallant Green Road, because of increased traffic and safety concerns.  This partial intersection is similar to what you see at the intersection of Rt. 5, Leonardtown Road and Rt. 488.  Taking this into consideration, HBCA studied the possibility that this intersection might make more sense in a different location and could address other safety and traffic concerns we are experiencing, as well.  We, also, looked at the potential benefits of linking the approved Planned Employment Park, Hughesville Station, to main street, which would result in an “anchoring” for development and revitalization that would flow to main street. HBCA commissioned a traffic study on the potential of locating a full intersection at the north end of the bypass, which would be located where the current north exit from main street is now, and revising the Gallant Green intersection to a right in, right out only, exit.  The commissioned study confirmed our conclusions that moving the intersection would take care of both intersections’ traffic and safety concerns.  HBCA proceeded to share this information with the Maryland State Police, The Charles County Sheriff’s Office, The United States Postal Service, the Hughesville Volunteer Fire Department, the Benedict Fire Department, SMECO, SMAR, and other businesses and residents affected by the existing conditions these traffic and safety concerns were creating.  All of the mentioned organizations and individuals supported the intersection at the north end of the bypass, as opposed to Gallant Green Road.  HBCA has submitted a request to the State Highway Administration to consider this proposal.  

The second revitalization effort HBCA has identified, is an adaptive, re-use of the largest, historic, red barn on main street.  We have been studying the potential for turning this barn into a concert/banquet hall.  The creation of this “niche” market would attract music lovers, the arts, retail, restaurants, and more.  There are state and federal grants that may be available to assist in this effort.  We will continue to pursue this project and will keep you updated on its status. 

The third identified area for revitalization is the intersection of main street and Rt. 231.  We will begin working with the property owners, in the coming months, to identify opportunities for those sites. 

Again, these three areas on main street are those HBCA has identified for revitalization as attainable in the immediate future.  We are at the beginning of a long but exciting road, and HBCA is dedicated to making the Hughesville Revitalization Plan a reality.