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"Your Support will Help TRANSFORM the Vision into a Reality"

Hughesville Business Membership - $100 Annually - Business must be located in Hughesville zip code or owner must reside in Hughesville - Voting Membership
Associate Business Membership - $75 Annually - Supportive business located outside of Hughesville zip code - Non-voting membership
Associate Membership - $20 Annually - Supportive individual who does not reside in the Hughesville zip code - Non-voting membership

Hughesville Individual Membership - $35 Annually - Resident in the Hughesville zip code - One membership = One vote - Multiple individual memberships may be purchased for those residing at the same address, i.e., individual + spouse = $70 Annually = Two voting memberships.

Click here for:  HBCA Enrollment Form

HBCA Membership Benefits

By joining the HBCA under either the Business or Individual membership, you are a voting member and will vote on the board members for the HBCA.  The board members represent the community and work closely with business and civic leaders to expedite the revitalization of Hughesville.  The HBCA will be the voice of its members in the community.

By joining the HBCA you will be kept apprised through occasional newsletters, e-mails, etc. on current news and events in our community. 

Membership dues will assist us in making the Hughesville Revitalization Plan a reality.

Networking and community events such as the Village Christmas, Hughesville 5K.

An opportunity to be on various special interest committees such as the Design Committee, Economic Restructuring Committee, Promotion Committee and Organization Committee.